Research Activities

Our research activities focus on atomistic-level understanding of heterogeneously catalyzed reactions including mechanisms, kinetics and thermodynamics of elementary surface processes. We study surface reactions over well-defined single crystals and nanostructured supported model catalysts under ultra high vacuum conditions. The main focus of these studies lies on finding detailed correlations between the structural properties of nano-sized supported catalysts and activity and activity and selectivity of surface reactions. A variety of surface science methods - multi-molecular beam techniques (effusive and supersonic beams), single crystal adsorption calorimetry (SCAC), infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy (IRAS) and scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) – is employed in these studies in order to address both kinetic and thermodynamic aspects of interaction of gas phase molecules with model well-defined surfaces.

Currently, we are working on following major topics:

   - Enantioselective reactions on model chirally modified surfaces.

   - Selective hydrogenation of multi-unsaturated hydrocarbons over nanostructured model supported catalysts

   - CO2 hydrogenation to higher mass hydrocarbons: towards renewable energy conversion and storage.

   - Energetics of surface processes by single crystal adsorption calorimetry.

   - Water interaction with oxides


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